How does travel shape youth? The benefits of travel

Traveling is necessary for the development of children and young people, it teaches them autonomy and opens their minds to nature, the diversity of environments, their fragility and the need to protect them, but also to the civilizations and peoples of the world with their customs, their religions, their cultural wealth, their past, etc.

Why and how to travel when you are young

There are many possibilities for a child or young person to travel, whether it is in a school setting (green classes, snow classes, sea classes), in an extracurricular group (scouts, sports club, etc.) or as a family. And as the saying goes, travel is the best way to learn. It is therefore recommended for the personal development of young people. It is not necessarily necessary to go far away to develop one’s autonomy. Going on a trip allows children and teenagers to develop their sense of organization. Indeed, they will have to manage their luggage (and determine what are the essential things they must take and what are not among the objects that surround them in their daily life), respect schedules that are imposed on them in a context that is different from their daily life, learn to read a map, etc. They will also have to get used to the fact that they will have to go to a different place. He will also have to get used to a diet that may be different from the one he is used to and thus develop new tastes. Travel is also very useful for socialization. The young person will have to rub shoulders with people with whom he or she does not necessarily live every day and integrate into a group. This can be beneficial for gaining self-confidence.

Practical advice

If it is difficult for a young child to leave his or her daily environment, it is ideal to start with short stays (for example, two or three days) and the best thing would be for the child to be in a small group of people he or she already knows. Once this first step is completed, longer trips with more diverse groups and to more distant destinations can be considered.

Traveling indeed allows you to take stock of your life, what you want but also what you don’t want anymore… Nothing better than being far from our comfort zone to get to know ourselves and have a much clearer idea of what we want to accomplish in our lives.

Why does man need to travel?

Man may feel the desire or the need to travel in order to discover other horizons, to know more about himself, to know how he can adapt to different climates and cultures. Traveling allows a new and enriching experience

Why do people travel today?

To learn, discover, experience. To experience a more nomadic lifestyle, with less comfort and more unexpected events, in order to gain autonomy and flexibility. Finally, to see things with our own eyes and not through the media, to understand the world and become aware of its realities

Why do you want to travel far away?

Traveling can allow you to discover a new city, a new region, a new country with its culture, its traditions, its population and its way of life. The more you will be in contact with the local culture, the better your immersion will be: change of scenery guaranteed!

In my opinion

The benefits of travel are numerous, as has just been explained. It is therefore a good thing to encourage a child to discover the world from an early age. These are memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Moreover, stays abroad will be an opportunity for them to practice activities that they do not necessarily have the possibility to do at home, such as skiing, wading in the sea, etc.

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