Women’s Hiking Boots are incredibly important for any woman who is off on a hiking expedition. It is important that you get good, comfy, long lasting boots. I have researched many boots and the most popular and highly rated boot came up as the Italian made Zamberlan.  All the Zamberlan boots seem to get great ratings. They are comfy, durable and long lasting, have good traction and are waterproof. All together they sound like an awesome pair of boot. The other brand of boot that came out with a high rating was the Timberland. These boots take a long time to wear in but once they are worn in they are the bees knees. They last for a very long time and the best thing is, the more you wear them the more comfortable they get. Some of the other brands that also came up well are the Lowa, Asolo and Vasque.

Choosing Women’s Hiking Boots

If you don’t have good shoes it can spoil the whole hike. It might also spoil it for your companions if your complaining about your blistering feet all the time! If you get good quality boots/shoes then you shouldn’t have any problems. But if you don’t get good quality boots that fit your feet and give your ankles support, you will probably have a hard time on your hike. Shoes/boots that don’t fit well and don’t air your feet well can cause blisters and it’s  incredibly sore to walk on a feet full of blisters, I know from experience. It slows you down and makes your hike plain miserable for you and your hiking buddies!!

So the first step is to insure that you get boots that fit your feet and make sure they are good quality ones. Hiking Boots are the same as most hiking gear, once you have them they should last you for a long, long time as long as you get good ones. So don’t skimp on your boots, it will be worth all the time and effort and money you put in to insure that you get the best possible boots.

What to look for in your boots:

–          good comfortable fit

–          waterproof

–          durable and hardwearing

–          breathable

–          support around your ankles

If you don’t like purchasing shoes/boots online then most outdoor/sporting shops should supply hiking boots. If you know what you want before you go in it will make your shopping expedition a lot easier!

Make sure when you get your hiking boots that you wear them in before you hike. If you don’t wear them in you may well get blisters and sore feet. You can get water proofing sprays to make sure your boot is really waterproof. It is a good idea to put this on before your hike also. You may still get water coming in through the top of the boots but you can get gaiters which will stop a lot of water from coming in. Take your time and wear them in and then you will enjoy your new women’s hiking boots.

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