Hiking Gaiters are great for a number of reasons. They protect your legs/ankles from cuts and scratches when bushwalking. They also provide protection from the natural elements such as the wind. Gaiters also help keep your feet dry by stopping water from getting into your boots. They also keep your legs and feet warmer. They are more often worn in the winter but they are also useful in the summer to stop stones and sand and the like from getting into your boots.


There are two types of gaiters, low cut and high cut. The low cut gaiters are used on shorter hiking trips and are more often used to keep your feet dry and to keep unwanted debris out of your boots. The high cut ones are used on longer hikes and for going through the bush or rough grounds.Gaiters come in a many shapes and sizes, generally the sizes are small, medium and large. I found the good rating for Outdoor Research M’s Verglas Gaiters  They are comfortable to wear and are often made from nylon, pack cloth or GORETEX providing more durability.

So you should consider gaiters as they will:

Protect your legs from scratches and unwanted debris.

Keep you warm which is great especially in the winter.

Keep you dry which is great in wet weather and for river crossings.

Extra warmth, dry legs/feet and protection are all important on a hike and they all add to your general comfort and the enjoyment of your hike. Make sure you get the right size and durable Hiking Gaiters.