Combination of the nature and the sea created the beauty of Ha Long bay, you will be amazed when travelling to this place.

The beauty of Ha Long bay may be considered spectacular and unique sculpture with thousands islands which are rising from under sea. This islands of Ha Long bay tedious, it’s an active space by creation of the nature such as Ga Choi island (it look like 2 chickens are facing to face) or Eagles island (it look like an eagles is hunting),….

Beside, The beauty of Ha Long bay is not only got shape of moutain or sights,… but also it has got many caves, every caves has got unique beauty attracted many people traveled this place, such as Thien Cung cave look like be carved from crystal, Dau Go cave has got stronger design,… when you travel to Ha Long bay, you imagine that you’re walking into the fairy world.

You should go to Dam Nam cave (187m) where happened histories, Legend tells that after the Golden Turtle helped Le Loi king, he took the sword and return to the sea, however, on the way back, he was passing Halong Bay, there are many monsters here, he fought to the end, after the battle is finished, he got into this cave and petrified. The beauty of Ha Long bay is not only associated witth the glorious history of the nation but also is the cradle culture in the Neolithic.

Ha Long Bay has been rated in the 7 Wonders of World, this is one place in Vietnam Destinations so you should try to travel. To organise a cruise trip in Halong bay, you must contact a reliable local travel agency , some of them having their own boat and propose some original trips as Minh Anh Travel ( with their private boat.

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