The central European Republic of Austria is a startlingly beautiful country steeped in a rich historical heritage both ancient and modern. Much of the beauty is cultural, with artistic and architectural treasures abounding. And all this cultural beauty wasn’t produced by just one culture. Throughout its long history many cultures a played a role in making Austria the gorgeous nation it is today. There are so many world class aspects of Austria culture, but the classical music it has produced has been much more than noteworthy. Vienna, Austria has been the home of such musical greats as Beethoven, Mozart, and Strauss. In addition, the present state of the music of Vienna is certainly awe-inducing as well. The Vienna Boys Choir has been in service since 1498 and is considered one of the world’s best choirs. If you aren’t in the mood for classic or refined music, you can listen to yodeling in the land of its birth.

Austria is landlocked by the neighboring countries of Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein. This is why it is considered an ideal location for students who want to visit multiple European countries during their studies. At any given time a student can randomly decide to take a short day-trip to any one of these countries. You should just be up to speed on each individual country’s passport regulations. Every country has its own little quirks in this regard.

Austria almost literally oozes with natural beauty. The country boasts a variety of different climates. Want world-class access to Alpine skiing? Check. Want some lazy fun in the sun? Check. Want something in between these two extremes? No problem. Austria is popular among students because of its beauty, comfort, and convenience.

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